Dog Breed Restriction Legislation Linked to Increase in Negative Dog Incidents

Aurora, CO – Recent research and funded studies suggest that Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL) may be doing more harm than good in communities, contributing to an increase in negative dog incidents. Bryon Taylor, a spokesperson from End Aurora BSL and the National Dog Rescue Network, highlights the unforeseen impacts of these laws on responsible dog ownership.

“BSL is proving to be a misguided approach that inadvertently discourages essential owner responsibilities,” says Bryon Taylor. “Owners of targeted breeds are finding it increasingly difficult to access critical services like training, socialization opportunities, veterinary care, and even insurance. This lack of resources can lead to poorly socialized and stressed animals, which may increase the likelihood of incidents.”

End Aurora BSL released a statement on their site declaring “Breed restrictions (BSL) is making the problems worse both in the short-term and long-term. In the short term, BSL causes an increase in abandonment which leads to an increase in incident for any breed. In the long-term, it causes an increase in incidents by discouraging responsible ownership. Banning them from communities doesn’t work, and rounding up all the large breeds and killing them isn’t an option, so the only recourse for legislative solution is by encouraging responsible ownership and regulating adoption. Responsible ownership activities include socialization, training, veterinary care and insurance, all of which are discouraged through breed restrictions.”

There is also a concern about the stigma attached to these breeds as a result of BSL and media attention perpetuating bad behavior, as the breeds are held to a different standard for normal dog behaviors. “When breeds are demonized like this, they are treated differently in communities. There is an exaggerated response to normal dog behaviors that can often increase the anxiety and fear responses in the dogs.” Taylor adds.

The organizations urge lawmakers to reconsider the effectiveness of breed-specific bans and instead promote breed-neutral regulations that focus on responsible pet ownership and behavior-based assessments.

For more information, please contact: Bryon Taylor Spokesperson, End Aurora BSL / National Dog Rescue Network Email: Phone: 720.278.0797

About End Aurora BSL End Aurora BSL is a Citizen Action Group dedicated to promoting fair and effective animal laws. They advocate for regulations that enhance the welfare of all pets and their owners, regardless of breed, encouraging responsible ownership and companion animal stewardship.