The breed restriction issue is going to vote in Aurora. While city council has assured us it will be on the ballot this year, it is more likely to be on the 2025 muni elections – but assuming they are correct, and the vote is this year, we may not have enough time for an effective public awareness campaign, so it is important to kickoff all of our efforts, before we know what the ballot designation will be.

On June 13th, We will be asking community and volunteers to join us either in-person or virtually for a presentation detailing our campaign efforts, establishing our board and leadership positions, and calling for any and all experts and volunteers to give us any feedback to improve our efforts and sign up to help the effort. Refreshments will be provided, and the in-person location and link to online meeting will be emailed to those who have responded closer to the event date.

We need everyone’s help in creating content, sharing content, coordinating volunteers, and online public relations, among event support, merchandise creation (we have all assets and equipment) and more. Please join us for this event and help us determine how we will END AURORA BSL for good.

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