Serena is a Staffordshire Terrier that was rescued in the 2016 Houston hurricanes and brought back to Colorado through Douglas County Canine. When she came here, she had 8 young puppies all needing homes. While there was much interest, the overriding concern was that much of Denver and surrounding areas (at the time) had strict BSL policies. After a couple of months (and finding all the puppies great homes, Serena faced the prospect of being shuffled out of the state to a rural shelter, despite having no issues of aggression or temperament. Because of this, we went from foster to family, and the experience we had with the situation led me to get involved immediately with End Aurora BSL, Replace Denver BSL, Replace Lonetree BSL, and End Louisevill BSL. My goal is to have helped rid Colorado of BSL completely, and Serena has inspired me to stay involved. Serena has a forever home now, and a family, and she has inspired several to get involved and volunteer to rid Colorado of BSL!



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March 9, 2022