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Aurora, Colorado Breed Ban Reinstatement Prompts Concern from Dog Advocacy Group Over Potential for Rising Incidents Due to Abandonment

Aurora, CO – Local dog advocacy group End Aurora BSL in Aurora, Colorado is voicing concerns over the potential for an increase in pit breed incidents related to the abandonment of pit breeds following the re-implementation of breed ban legislation in the area. “The...

Dog Breed Restriction Legislation Linked to Increase in Negative Dog Incidents

“Breed restrictions (BSL) is making the problems worse both in the short-term and long-term. In the short term, BSL causes an increase in abandonment which leads to an increase in incident for any breed. In the long-term, it causes an increase in incidents by discouraging responsible ownership. Banning them from communities doesn’t work, and rounding up all the large breeds and killing them isn’t an option, so the only recourse for legislative solution is by encouraging responsible ownership and regulating adoption.”

Every generation portrays a different breed as “the most dangerous”

When Denver residents vote to replace the outdated breed-specific legislation this October & November, that will likely mean the end of BSL in the few other cities who still have it in place; Aurora, Commerce City, Lone tree, Louisville, Fort Lupton, and La Junta...

The Saga of Serina the “Pit Bull”

…I don’t know where Serina is now, or any of her puppies. I can only hope that she survived, found a family that loves her, and is living the life that over a million others of her breed will not get to enjoy this year. Considering that in the time it took for me to write this article, over a hundred more “pit bulls” were killed, I am not optimistic. It’s time to end outdated legislation that has failed to show any improvement in community safety, Denver….

Aurora BSL in the News


Sentinel Aurora

Judge reinstates Aurora pit bull ban, says 2021 city council repeal was ‘without authority’

CBS News

"City of Aurora to appeal court-ordered city-wide pit bull ban. One council member is also exploring how to introduce a ballot measure that would provide more safety requirements."

Fox 31

"Pit bull owners in Aurora are in limbo after judge reinstates breed ban."