We at End Aurora BSL express our profound disappointment in the recent judgment that has reinstated breed-specific legislation (BSL) in our community. This decision marks a significant setback in our ongoing struggle for fair and effective animal control policies.

BSL, which unfairly targets specific dog breeds rather than individual behavior, is a misguided approach that fails to enhance public safety. It promotes a false sense of security, stigmatizes certain breeds, and often leads to the unwarranted suffering of innocent animals and their responsible owners.

Nearly every relevant animal health and advocacy organization in the world opposes breed legislation as an effective tool for promoting community safety. Studies show this legislation can make communities less safe by discouraging training, socialization and sometimes veterinary care for the breeds that are banned.

It is because of these facts that we will not deter in our efforts to replace breed legislation with common-sense dangerous dog ordinance that applies to all canine’s regardless of breed. 

As we move forward, our focus is now on the next elections. We are launching a public awareness campaign in support of a measure to repeal breed legislation in our community. This measure will aim to replace BSL with a fair and effective Dangerous Dog legislation. Such legislation will focus on the behavior of dogs and the accountability of owners, ensuring a safer and more humane community for all.

We urge everyone who shares our vision of a fair, effective, and breed-neutral approach to animal control to join us in this effort. Together, we can work towards a community where safety and compassion go hand in hand, and where legislation is based on facts and fairness, not fear and misunderstanding.

End Aurora BSL is unwavering in our dedication to this cause. We believe in the power of community action and the necessity of progress for in responsible dog ordinance. We thank all of our supporters for their continued support and invite others to join us in this important fight.

Together, we can create a brighter future for all members of our community, both human and canine.

For more information and to join our campaign, please sign up to our newsletter (below) and follow us on social media at https://www.facebook.com/groups/189324451784083. Your support can make a crucial difference.

With determination and hope,

 End Aurora BSL Team

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